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Job title: Media Planner
Reference code: IT010017
Job category: Media Planner
Position status: Filled Min Salary (p/m): R20000
Position type: Permanent Max Salary (p/m): R30000
City: Auckland Park  
The Media Planner (Online and Affiliates) contributes to the organisational goals by ensuring clients money is invested in the right medium to create maximum return on investment and brand awareness in the market to increase share of voice.

2. Job Objectives

• Effective relationship management between the company, the affiliates and
media owners.
• Ensuring lead and spend targets are met by buying effective media space,
campaign management (site checks) and affiliate programme management.
• Recruiting of affiliates and new online media opportunities in order to
increase leads.
• Negotiating the best deals possible and monitoring client commitment.
• Liaising with media owners and providing relevant documentation.
• Evaluating booked media and results to ensure ROI and renewals.
• Reporting of progress to media owners, affiliates and business.
• Managing financials (affiliate commissions, month end balancing, invoice
allocation etc) and administration of online media and affiliates.
• Making recommendations to ensure campaign optimisation.

3. Essential Work Requirements To Enable Meeting Job Objectives

• Planning short term (task) objectives
• Creating schedules
• Planning a logical sequence of events or tasks
• Ensuring component parts fit overall project design
• Creating a roster or list of duties / activities
• Defining objectives for an organisation or department
• Revising plans to account for changed circumstances
• Preparing a specification for a project
• Setting priorities for utilising resources
• Anticipating problems

Assess / Evaluate
• Critically examining information for accuracy/quality
• Evaluating information for purposes of recommendation
• Assessing the probability or likelihood of an event occurring
• Evaluating alternatives prior to choice
• Making a logical evaluation of new ideas
• Assessing items prior to acquisition
• Evaluating the implications of research findings

Analyse / Diagnose
• Analysing numerical information
• Using formalised analysis (e.g. network, critical path)
• Identifying patterns or trends within data
• Breaking down a procedure into logical steps
• Examining a geographical location or site

Implement / Co-ordinate
• Ensuring efficient co-ordination of activities
• Organising resources to meet an objective
• Initiating action in emergencies
• Allocating duties to others
• Allocating resources (people, materials) between jobs
• Allocating resources in emergencies

• Checking points of detail
• Examining drawings to check all information included
• Checking work has been carried out to specification
• Checking all materials are available for a project
• Checking work completion to a set standard
• Verifying the accuracy of calculations

Review / Evaluate
• Reviewing efficiency of an operation
• Evaluating the cost of a project or venture
• Evaluating numerical data on organisation or dept.
• Reviewing progress of a case or project
• Checking adherence to schedules
• Identifying problems in a project design
• Evaluating alternative methods
• Assessing feasibility or practicality of an operation
• Evaluating the practical feasibility of a project

Problem Solve / Design
• Brainstorming for new ideas
• Suggesting new solutions to problems
• Finding new ways to improve the efficiency of an operation

Represent / Sell
• Negotiating price
• Making enquiries in writing about a product or service
• Making enquiries verbally about a product or service
• Answering enquiries in writing about a product or service
• Answering enquiries verbally about a product or service

• Mentally reacting quickly to emergency situations
• Making decisions after thorough evaluation
• Deciding a course of action in conjunction with others
• Making quick decisions under time pressure
• Making judgments on costs, damages, disputes, etc.
• Ruling on questions of procedure
• Deciding a course of action on own initiative

• Utilising a calculator
• Applying specialist business formulas/methods
• Complex numerical reasoning in a business context

Integrate / Code / Estimate
• Preparing cost or time estimates for future activity
• Integrating information
• Estimating the rate of progress of a process
• Estimating time for a job
• Estimating numbers, quantity, etc.
• Estimating physical size
• Estimating risk associated with a course of action
• Summarising verbal or numerical information
• Designing logical flow charts or diagrams
• Preparing statistics (non-financial)
Skills Required
Formal Qualifications:
Level of Education:
• Essential: 3 year degree/3 year diploma - General Degree - NQF 6
o Degree / Diploma in Marketing / Advertising OR
o Certificate / Diploma in Media Management

• Approx. 1 year work experience with exposure to media buying and

Knowledge of:
• Understanding of business environment, and client brands
• Advertising mediums
• Principles of marketing (desirable)
• Principles of media management Skills:
• Attention to detail
• Numeric ability
• Deadline oriented
• Relationship building
• Analytic ability
• Strategic thinking
Passion for media and instant media network

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