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Job title: Sales executive: Other
Reference code: IT010025
Job category: Sales executive: Other
Position status: Filled Min Salary (p/m): R7000
Position type: Permanent Max Salary (p/m): R12000
City: Auckland Park  
The Direct Sales Consultant contributes to the organisational goals by converting leads to policies in a professional manner, with a view to retaining clients and ensuring satisfaction.
Skills Required
Customer Results:
• Provide an efficient and quality service to clients on contact valuing client
retention (cancellation %, SQA, dialled-in time)
• Provide detailed, comprehensive and accurate information so that clients can
make informed decisions about present and possible risk (SQA)
Relationship Results:
• Effectively build, maintain and manage relationships with colleagues, service
providers and clients
Innovation Results:
• Contribute to optimising work practices and procedures
Represent / Sell
Collect Information
Orally Inform / Investigate
Handle Information / Follow Instruction
Deal with Customers
Analyse / Integrate / Interpret

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