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Job title: Senior Research
Reference code: MIL0003
Job category: Market Research
Position status: Vacant Min Salary (p/m): R18000
Position type: Permanent Max Salary (p/m): R20000
City: Rivonia  
Main purpose of job:
o Drive key actionable, research generated media insights in every presentation and ensure that clear media direction is provided to every client. An understanding of the overall media environment including, media buying, planning and detailed media analysis (ARs, GRPs, reach, frequency and diminishing returns) is a must.
o Ensure the smooth running of research projects from commissioning to final presentation
o Build a strong day to day working relationship with the clients your team services actively contributing in meetings and presenting results
o Continually build your technical expertise as a market researcher and apply it to the work you do for your clients

Key responsibilities:
o Work mainly unsupervised and produce for sign off by line manager
o Questionnaires
o Fieldwork materials
o Data/Coding specs
o Reports and Presentations
o Proposals
o Manage product deadlines
o Identify actions/issues that may have cost implications
o Liase with operations departments/problem solving/trouble shooting
o Present all or part of client presentations
o Travel to client meetings as and when required (may require occasional overnight trips)
o Develop/manage more junior members of the team
o Writing presentation & adding value
o Charting presentations

Key relations:
o Build a strong working relationship with your client service account team
o Build a strong and mutually respectful relationship with the operational departments within the company
o Ensure good communication with operational departments and proactively spot problems early

o Develop a strong professional relationship with your clients including, brand, media, marketing teams, ad agencies and media agencies.
o Be an ambassador at all times
Skills Required
Previous experience:
Previous experience of:
o At least 2 years’ relevant market research experience in a research agency, client company, or management or marketing consultancy, media agency or advertising agency.
o A passion for brands and advertising is a must, a curiosity as to understand consumer thinking and opinion and a desire to advise clients how to improve their brand’s performance in the market place.
o Experience of analysing data
o Experience of writing reports
o Experience of writing proposals
o Minimum 6 months experience on an SRE level

o Project management
? Set priorities and manage tasks
? Manage multiple projects
o Client orientation
? Manage day to day client liaison effectively and professionally
? Understand and manage client expectations
? Foster a 2 way relationship
? Understand their business needs
? Contribute to client meetings and presentations
o Interpersonal skills
? Build rapport with and show consideration for all work colleagues
? Courteous, respectful and professional in all communications
? Integrity

o Organisation skills
? Meet deadlines
? Follow procedure
? Time management/prioritise work
? Team work
? Deliver accurate work under pressure
? Attention to detail
o Self development
? Take initiative
? Proactive self starter
? Commitment to quality
? Flexibility
o Analytical skills
? Spot problems early on
? Independent report-writing
o Developing others
? Delegate appropriately
? Guide and counsel others
? Assist with team training where appropriate
o Integrity and high ethical standards
o Communication skills
? Clear and accurate communication
Technical Competencies required:
o Pc literacy in Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2007+
o Excellent English writing and verbal skills
o Level appropriate quantitative research skills (see career curriculum for more details)

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